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Aint That Peculiar (Neil Thompson & SoulP Summer Madness Mix) – Marvin Gaye meets Kool & The Gang

This just came up by random on my iPod today so i thought I’d share it on here. For anyone who aint heard this yet: from a couple of years ago, Marvin Gaye meets Kool & The Gang , SoulP and me on the mix….

And if you like this mix, I’d be very grateful if you could leave a comment on the Soundcloud please – it really helps me for when labels/artists are thinking about using me for remixes if they can see plenty of comments on the Soundcloud…thanks, Neil T


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Another Star (Regrooved Mix) – Stevie Wonder

To celebrate the great man’s birthday today, I thought I post up this regroove that I did for Caister in Autumn 2010.┬áThis one was a real labour of love as all the percussion was all over the place ranging between 118 and 124 bpm believe it or not!! I had to slice and place every single kick, snare and hi-hat that I added…it was well over 1000 of them!!!!!


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MWorld feat. Chanel – One More Drink (Neil Thompson Regrooved Mix) – available soon…

Here’s the first of my official remixes for the MWorld team – Provisional release date: June 6th, 2011

Post a comment of the SoundCloud if you like it please…

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All Of That (Neil Thompson Regrooved Mix) – Thelma Houston

Well, I’m all back from my holidays in sunny Lanzarote, all refreshed and raring to go. Here’s a mix that I found deep in my ipod and had forgotten about it!!

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A couple of regrooves for a Friday…

Hey it’s Friday so i thought I’d chuck up a couple of regrooves for y’all…

Ring My Dream Bell (Neil Thompson’s MF Mix) – Urban Magic featuring Ann Lee

Spotlight – (Neil Thompson Regrooved Mix) – Jennifer Hudson

No Scrubs (Neil Thompson Respectful Mix) – TLC & MJ

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Stuck in my sickbed….here’s an oldie…

Well since arriving in wonderful Istanbul on Sunday night, I was nothing but ill and stuck in bed. Just my luck! So much so that I had to come home early to go and see my doctor here.

So I’m afraid there ain’t been much creativity over the last 5 days or so, but here’s an oldie from the file marked “Bloody Hell! I’d forgotten I’d done that one”


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Sprung On A Thug (Neil Thompson Regrooved Mix) – Michael Rose & La La

This is a little summery, feel-good mash-up that I did from a year or so back….to be honest I’d forgotten about it….


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