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Apparantly Nuthin’ (Neil Thompson Regrooved Mix) – Beverley Knight – available to buy 29th August…

In the first of some official Regrooves coming your way in the next few weeks, on 29th August, available to buy will be my official remix of the fabulous Beverley Knight’s take on the classic that is Apparantly Nuthin’…’s a snippet:


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A couple of regrooves for a Friday…

Hey it’s Friday so i thought I’d chuck up a couple of regrooves for y’all…

Ring My Dream Bell (Neil Thompson’s MF Mix) – Urban Magic featuring Ann Lee

Spotlight – (Neil Thompson Regrooved Mix) – Jennifer Hudson

No Scrubs (Neil Thompson Respectful Mix) – TLC & MJ

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Stuck in my sickbed….here’s an oldie…

Well since arriving in wonderful Istanbul on Sunday night, I was nothing but ill and stuck in bed. Just my luck! So much so that I had to come home early to go and see my doctor here.

So I’m afraid there ain’t been much creativity over the last 5 days or so, but here’s an oldie from the file marked “Bloody Hell! I’d forgotten I’d done that one”


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Sprung On A Thug (Neil Thompson Regrooved Mix) – Michael Rose & La La

This is a little summery, feel-good mash-up that I did from a year or so back….to be honest I’d forgotten about it….


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A few mixes for you…

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, its been one of those weeks. So to make up for it, here’s a few that I owe y’all:

Slow Down (Neil Thompson Regrooved Mix) – Al Olive

Creep (Neil Thompson Intense Regrooved Mix) – TLC & Coolio

Outta Love (Neil Thompson’s Twilight Mix with intro) – Reel People feat Omar

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This Unfoolish Feeling (Neil Thompson ReGrooved Mix) – Ashanti & The Jones Girls

Digging deep into the archives…this one’s from a couple of years ago…go get it kids!


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Outstanding Beautiful Day (Neil T & Jim Jackson’s ReGrooved Mix) – Kenny Thomas & Randy Muller

My bezzie buddy and top DJ, Jim Jackson suggested this instrumental to me in September last year so I stuck Kenny’s vocal from ‘Outstanding‘ over it and here’s what happened…quite a rarity from me as I hardly do any mash-ups these days….


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