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Original tracks….progress update

Well it’s been a while since my last post and you might have noticed that I’ve not been posting as many new and old mixes up lately. Its for two reasons really – firstly I’ve been so busy with my day job – at the last count, since the end of April I’ve managed 10 separate events, visited 6 different countries and been an usher at a wedding!

The second and probably more concious reason is because of my step towards creating my own material, which as I’m sure you can probably understand is quite demanding and requires a lot of focus.

As way of an update, I’m currently waiting for a couple of fantastic singer / songrwriters to write and record vocals to two of the tracks I’ve created – so that is very exciting. I’m sure once I’ve got their input, the tracks may take a slightly different route to their current state, but they will be developed to totally fit the vocals that they lay down for me…..I’m hoping to be able to bring you more news on this in a couple of weeks.

At my last count I think I’ve got 5 other decent grooves going on just waiting to be developed by vocalists but I’m waiting on these first two and then I will take those others to the next stage.

Also, whilst all this is going on, I’ve got to do some boring stuff like register for PRS and MCPS so that I can get paid properly if my stuff ever gets out there and is bought on iTunes, played on radio, etc. Believe me, its a complicated business!!! Luckily, I’ve got some fantastic people around me – thanks Jim Jackson, Shaun Gallagher, Jamie Taylor, Geoff Allman, Mark Goddard, Colin Curtis, Terl Bryant & Dee Majek (and anyone I’ve forgotten to mention) – to give me some great advice not only on the tracks I’m developing but also on the business side too…

Couldn’t do it without you guys 🙂

Neil T


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My shiny new ‘ReGrooved’ logo and some exciting news…

Well I just thought I’d take a moment to throw a few things down on here and take stock. It’s been a very hectic time over the last couple of months or so,  in both my private and professional life, and that’s not including finding the time to don the headphones and get to work with the remixes. So much so that I kind of lost my mojo for the music during that period. I definitely learned that all important formula:

Stress + lack of sleep = Zero creativity

Its at times like that when the best thing to do is to leave the computer turned off and wait until the feeling returns naturally. It was really funny one night, as I must have started 5 or 6 potential new mixes and didn’t get any further than loading them into Cubase!! haha!

Anyway, my mojo has finally returned  – via a couple of suggestion of fantastic tracks to remix, that were sent to me by my friends and then before I know it, I’ve spent all night working on them and I’m back to normal….

I’m also now the proud owner of a shiny new logo courtesy of top DJ /very talented graphic designer, Roger Williams – expect to see this rolled out on facebook and on future vinyl releases. We are even trying to stick it on a t-shirt – more details coming soon….

Finally, If you enjoyed the big Autumn hit ‘Show Me Love’ by West Coast Soulstars then I bring you some good news!! I’ve just started working on co-producing their next single…..and its an absolute cracker!!! Expect to hear your friendly DJ spinning a promo copy in the next 2-3 weeks….

Cheers, Neil T

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Baby Come To Me (Neil Thompson’s ReGrooved Mix) – Patti Austin & James Ingram

Hot off the press – a track I have loved for years and years – gave it a little tweak here n there, nothing major…but quite tasty:


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Wow! My day in the Incognito studio remixing their next single with Bluey…

Yep…you read it right. Today I spent the most fantastic day in the studio with Bluey and Mo (the sound engineer) remixing their fantastic track ‘1975’ into a single edit. And what a day it was….

Me & Bluey

From start to finish, Bluey was an absolute superstar and was so generous and down to earth with me. I felt truly honoured that he shown so much faith in me…the track is awesome and I’m sure that together we’ve mixed it down so that it will get the airplay and downloads that it truly deserves…

Big thanks to Chris Hill for wangling this all for me and a special thanks to Shaun Gallagher for introducing me to the track in the first place…

All i can say is – WOW!!!!!


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Kylie was dancing to one of my mixes…

You should see the smile on my face!!

I just heard from the legendary Ian (Mastercuts) Dewhirst who was DJing at a gig in Ibiza this weekend.

He told me that last night he gave my mix of ‘If You Love Me’ – Brownstone/Love Unlimited Orchestra and none other than the delectable Miss Kylie Minogue was shaking her tight little butt to it!!!

That’s it! I’m quitting now…my work is done!! LOL!

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Caister, here I come…

Well it’s that time of year for the first of the shin-digs at Caister – so I’ll soon be making the 5 hour drive to the east coast – thank god for my iPod and Radio 5!!

I’m finally starting to make progress with Cubase 5 – the programme is amazing and the effects than you achieve are staggering. Its opened up a new world to me and I’m lovin’ every second…

With a bit of luck I’ll be able to convince those Caister stalwarts – Chris Hill and Tom Holland to give a couple of  my new tunes a spin over the weekend – one of them is a souled up version of  ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash and a new take on ‘Borrowed Love’ by SOS Band….

So if anyone is going to Caister, please say hello – I may even buy you a pint of a glass of sherry!!

Cheers, Neil T


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What’s Going On Top Of The World (Neil T Mix) – Marvin, Brandy & Mase

What’s Going On Top Of The World (Neil T Mix) – Marvin, Brandy & Mase

** Although a snippet of  this track is available to listen to, the full version will not be available for a few weeks **


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