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The last two years…

Well, in a moment of reflection the other day, I sat down and thought about all the things that have happened to me over the last couple of years since I re-discovered the UK soul music scene and without sounding all ‘new age’ about it, I think it’s made me a much better person.

It was about this time in 2008 that I got an email from Ian Dewhirst asking me would I mind if he played my mix of ‘If You Love Me’ (Love Unlimited Orchestra / Brownstone) on his Starpoint radio show. Well, at the time I was bumbling along working for fun on tracks from one genre or another: soul, funk, hip-hop, pop – you name it. So as a lifelong soulboy I was blown away  – it seemed like I’d finally found something that I’d been looking a long time for…and Ian became a good friend to me during those first few months, giving me tons of advice and getting my stuff spread far and wide…

Since those massive highs at the start, I’ve experienced every emotion under the sun and learned a few harsh lessons about the industry and also about the way some people will react to my work. But ‘thats life’ as they say and you live and learn. But on reflection, I’ve had so many highs since 2008, including doing radio & magazine interviews (which still seem bizarre to me, especially when I was in BBC Sheffield for a live interview) and most notably when I was lucky enough to work with one of my heroes – Bluey. The other big thing for me is the tons of new friends that I’ve made…at 40 years of age! Its amazing! 

So, anyway – enough rambling. I’ll be looking forward to meeting loads of my old & new friends at my bi-annual pilgrimage to Caister at the beginning of October….where it’s guaranteed to be full of smiley, happy people!!

If you’re going and you spot me at Caister – come and say hello, maybe we can share a beer or if you’re really unlucky I’ll give you a manly hug 🙂

Neil T

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