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An amazing few weeks and the curse of the remixer!!

The last few weeks have been a fantastic time for me. As well as finishing a very busy work period, I’ve also been asked to do some remixes for a couple of major artists – which was very exciting and also slightly daunting at first but once I got my teeth into them, the nerves disappeared and I’m enjoying every second. When I think back only three or four years ago, I would have sold my sister (If I had one) to even just get my stuff played out at a gig so to be asked to work on official remixes for well known artists is mind blowing for me. More news soon….

The remixes are going well – I’m really happy with how they are coming along but its so hard to escape from the dreaded remixer’s curse – by that I mean, no matter how well a certain mix is going and I might have laid down some nice keys or a funky bassline but somehow you can’t stop thinking that you could do it better or find a nicer sound to use! I think anyone who’s ever had a go at remixing will understand exactly where I’m coming from. Its truly a nightmare and somewhere along the line I have to have a word with myself and convince myself that what I’ve already done is good….you should hear the neiltomo ‘hidden’ files…there’s probably a gem or two in there somewhere…haha!

Anyway, more news coming soon….thanks for all the support and apologies for the radio silence over the last few weeks.

Cheers, Neil

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Crash & burn maybe?

Well, last night ended on a massive high but this morning I crashed and burned a bit! haha

What am I talking about? Well, the paranoid world that a remixer lives in…from the highs of finding something that you think really, really works – right down to the depths of reality kicking in that no-one else likes the bleeder and it must have been something you were smoking!

This has happened to me many times and I did a mix last night that probably falls into this category! Honestly, last night I thought I’d created a monster track –  this morning, the harsh reality hit me…..according to a couple of my testers anyway…

Judge for yourself here:

Aint Nobody (Neil T Remix) Diana King TEST2 Short

So is it back to the drawing board or should I finish it? Let me know what you think….I’d love to know!!

Neil T


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