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Original tracks….progress update

Well it’s been a while since my last post and you might have noticed that I’ve not been posting as many new and old mixes up lately. Its for two reasons really – firstly I’ve been so busy with my day job – at the last count, since the end of April I’ve managed 10 separate events, visited 6 different countries and been an usher at a wedding!

The second and probably more concious reason is because of my step towards creating my own material, which as I’m sure you can probably understand is quite demanding and requires a lot of focus.

As way of an update, I’m currently waiting for a couple of fantastic singer / songrwriters to write and record vocals to two of the tracks I’ve created – so that is very exciting. I’m sure once I’ve got their input, the tracks may take a slightly different route to their current state, but they will be developed to totally fit the vocals that they lay down for me…..I’m hoping to be able to bring you more news on this in a couple of weeks.

At my last count I think I’ve got 5 other decent grooves going on just waiting to be developed by vocalists but I’m waiting on these first two and then I will take those others to the next stage.

Also, whilst all this is going on, I’ve got to do some boring stuff like register for PRS and MCPS so that I can get paid properly if my stuff ever gets out there and is bought on iTunes, played on radio, etc. Believe me, its a complicated business!!! Luckily, I’ve got some fantastic people around me – thanks Jim Jackson, Shaun Gallagher, Jamie Taylor, Geoff Allman, Mark Goddard, Colin Curtis, Terl Bryant & Dee Majek (and anyone I’ve forgotten to mention) – to give me some great advice not only on the tracks I’m developing but also on the business side too…

Couldn’t do it without you guys 🙂

Neil T


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Full interview with Colin Curtis – listen or download here…

Just in case you didn’t catch it on the night, here’s a full replay….

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New stuff coming soon…

Well over the last week or so, I’ve been working on some remixes with the legend that is, Mr Colin Curtis (click here for his blog) – and to be honest, it has been a joy. Colin’s knowledge is second to none and working with him has been a really fantastic education and a pleasure.

You will hear the fruits of our labour in the next few weeks – in the clubs, on the radio and maybe officially with a bit of luck – promise to keep you posted…

Cheers, Neil T

p.s. I’m off to Barcelona tomorrow – just for a change!! 3rd time in 6 weeks!

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Whats next?

Well, next up on the agenda is finishing off our (SoulP & myself) latest track…its a tough act to follow on from ‘Aint That Peculiar’ in terms of how it was received, but we are going to do our best with the new one. It is what it is….

Me being a musical genre whore, I’m also going through a bit of jazz and soulful house kind of influence at the moment, having visited Colin Curtis’s fantastic night (Freestylin’) at the ‘Mark Addy’ bar in Manchester. I think the next one is in May 2010 so get your asses down there – fab venue, lovely people and awesome music! Hopefully, I’ve got a couple of uptempo little numbers coming through with these influences so maybe I might be able to convince the great man to play one of them next time….you never know!

Anyway, I’ll sign off now with a quick request for any fantastic instrumentals that you might have lurking in your collection – please let me know about them as I’m always on the lookout…

Cheers, Neil T

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