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C&C Music Factory is here on vinyl

‎** At Long Last Its Here **

C&C Music Factory Vinyl - Regrooved Mix

C&C Music Factory Vinyl - Regrooved Mix

Released today!! C&C Music Factory “Share That Beat Of Love” Neil Thompson Regrooved mix. First time on vinyl 45 on Streetsoul Records. Go to to purchase


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Late Night Alumni

Although I don’t get a huge amount of time to actually sit down and just listen to music much these days, whenever I do find some spare time (like on a flight or something) without fail I’ll be listening to my fave band – the fabulously talented ‘Late Night Alumni’ who were, and still are, a massive influence on me. In fact they are the sole reason why I decided to put the headphones on again a few years ago.

Late Night Alumni

Late Night Alumni

It goes back to around 2005 / 2006 when I’d heard a fantastic track by them called Empty Streets played somewhere, so I did my research, found them on iTunes and downloaded their first album (Empty Streets) and boy I was absolutely blown away by them. The quality of the songwriting, the beautiful and moving voice of their lead singer (Becky) and most of all the absolutely sparkling sound quality of their production. Just amazing!

To describe their music as chilled out house music, does it a disservice. It’s so much more than that….from spine tinglers to inspired and grown up dance tunes, they seem to do it effortlessly. Amazing. I love them to bits…

Check their latest album out here on iTunes:

Their official website here:

and their facebook page here:

Hope y’all like em too…..


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Radio interviews…

Neil & Eli at Zero Radio

Neil & Eli at Zero Radio

Here’s the downloads for the two radio shows that I was on at the end of February. I had a really good time and can’t wait to go back…We had a great time with Jonny & Gino on Zero Radio….Eli also joined us for a while to talk about his new single ‘Soul Redemption’ and our collaboration…
Then it was over to the legend that is Mr Jim Jackson for two hours of remixes, mashups and crackin’ banter in the chat-room on Stomp.

Neil Thompson & Eli Thompson (West Coast Soulstars) on The Saturday Soulmine Show – Zero Radio – 26 Feb 2011

Neil Thompson on Jim Jackson’s STOMP Radio Show – Sunday 27 Feb 2011


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A few mixes for you…

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, its been one of those weeks. So to make up for it, here’s a few that I owe y’all:

Slow Down (Neil Thompson Regrooved Mix) – Al Olive

Creep (Neil Thompson Intense Regrooved Mix) – TLC & Coolio

Outta Love (Neil Thompson’s Twilight Mix with intro) – Reel People feat Omar

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I had a great time darrrnn sourrffff…

Well, I survived my weekend of madness in St Albans and Canvey…and what a weekend it was!

A big thank you to Jonny & Gino for having me on their Saturday Soulmine show on Zero Radio on Saturday – it was a blast and we gave a first play to the forthcoming West Coast Soulstars single – Soul Redemption. Hell, we were even joined in the studio by the main man himself, Eli Thompson. A great new track and a fantastic response by all who listened.

Tony, Mr Messy & Neil T

Then it was onto ‘Soul By The Jetty’ on the sea front at Canvey (is it the sea or the estuary???) and what a night it was!!  Lovely people, top music and quite a few beers were quaffed! It reminded me of a mini Caister!! I have to say a big ‘hi’ to all the lovely peeps there including (deep breathe and apologies if I miss anyone out): Mr & Mrs Goldsmith, Mick Love, JJ & Tez, Mark-Lee Horner, Jane, Reg & Lisa, Mr Messy, Tony Matthews & Roni, Gary Dennis, Sharon & Denise, Merv, Paul, Andy and not forgetting Mrs Julie Layton – especially as her and Jonny put me up for the night!! A fab night all round!!

Then on Sunday, I headed over to my old mucker’s radio show on Stomp – Jim Jackson, where we had a great time spinning some tunes, old and new, whilst shooting the breeze with all the lovely folks in the chatroom. The perfect way to end a perfect weekend. Thank you to all involved!!

Cheers, Neil T


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Me…on the radio this weekend!

Well, I’ve got an exciting weekend ahead‎….I can’t wait!!

On Saturday 26 February, I’ll be appearing as a guest on Jon Layton & Mark Messy’s ‘Saturday Soulmine’ show on Zero Radio (1-4pm)….I’m also bringing a very special guest in with me, including a preview of his next single (which is awesome!!), so it will definitely be worth tuning in!! Trust me on this one….

Later that evening I’ll be going along with Jon to ‘Soul By The Jetty‘ which takes place upstairs at the Miners Bar, The Lobster Smack, Haven Road, Canvey Island – it will great to say hi to anyone who’s going!!

Then on Sunday 27 February I’ll be live in the studio with my man, Jim Jackson on his ‘Spirit of Soul’ show on STOMP Radio (1-3pm)  – we’ll be spinning some tunes and having a chat about some of my influences and what’s on the horizon. It will be great to chat to the lovely peeps in the chatroom – fire your questions!! I’m ready!!





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Well, sorry no posts from me for a few days but its been a week of perspective.

All I’ll say is that I’ve got one super-tough daughter who had the week from hell but is now on the mend. I’m so proud of her and also so thankful to all the amazing staff at Alder Hey who were just 10/10… I said, it puts a perspective on things.

Normal service will be resumed soon…



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