Cubase 6…my best mate!

29 Mar

I just thought I’d put up a quick post about some of the software and equipment that I use to do my remixes.

Cubase 6

Cubase 6

Firstly (and most importantly) my best friend is Cubase 6 which is the software (known also as a DAW) that I use to make all my mixes. I originally started out using a free programme called ‘Audacity’ but soon realised I had to make the move to Cubase to progress further.

The things it can do are truly mindblowing and I’m learning new stuff every day – from adding reverb and tremolo right through to composing complex percussion and string Ā arrangements…Cubase can do the lot…and then some!

Cubase 6 screenshot

Cubase 6 screenshot

So if you’re serious about getting into remixing, I highly recommend Cubase 6…yeah, it’s tough at first but there are plenty of specific forums for it with lots of willing people eager to help when you get stuck!

For more information, check out the offical website:

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