C&C Music factory…limited edition 7″ vinyl coming soon!

04 Feb

C&C Music Factory
Well the good news is that we officially had clearance yesterday to press up my ‘Share That beat Of Love” (Regrooved mix) by C&C Music factory!! I’m so looking forward to getting this one out there and we’re hoping it will be the start of a few more Regrooved releases on vinyl this year. It will be available to buy on limited edition 7″ vinyl by early/mid March on Andy’s Streetsoul Records website:

Other stuff
I’m so pleased for Tom Glide that ‘Luv Is Coming Up’ is doing well at the moment – what a great track it is and what a crackin’ fella he is – I’m hoping to do more stuff with him this year and beyond….

Lots of other stuff going on at the moment, with 5 or 6 official remixes in the pipeline at various stages of development. I’ll spill the beans in more depth in the next couple of weeks but its very exciting and I’m blown away that I’m getting the opportunity to work with these different artists.

One thing that will be getting some attention in the next few weeks is a biggie for Caister -my good mates Tom Holland and Chris Hill always put me under pressure to give them something for each Caister! Thanks guys – LOL!! Anyway, watch this space for more news and previews – any suggestions for tracks to be given the treatment are always welcomed…

Cheers, Neil T



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2 responses to “C&C Music factory…limited edition 7″ vinyl coming soon!

  1. Steve Jewell

    February 5, 2011 at 12:13

    Hey Neil, what can you do to Harry Hippie a tune what definatly needs re-circulating? Cheers Mate. know I keep saying it but I’m so glad your talents are finally being recognised. All the best Steve

    • neiltomo

      February 5, 2011 at 19:52

      Love that tune Steve….its one of my faves but not that giving it the treatment could add anything to it….it’s awesome!


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