My shiny new ‘ReGrooved’ logo and some exciting news…

29 Jan

Well I just thought I’d take a moment to throw a few things down on here and take stock. It’s been a very hectic time over the last couple of months or so,  in both my private and professional life, and that’s not including finding the time to don the headphones and get to work with the remixes. So much so that I kind of lost my mojo for the music during that period. I definitely learned that all important formula:

Stress + lack of sleep = Zero creativity

Its at times like that when the best thing to do is to leave the computer turned off and wait until the feeling returns naturally. It was really funny one night, as I must have started 5 or 6 potential new mixes and didn’t get any further than loading them into Cubase!! haha!

Anyway, my mojo has finally returned  – via a couple of suggestion of fantastic tracks to remix, that were sent to me by my friends and then before I know it, I’ve spent all night working on them and I’m back to normal….

I’m also now the proud owner of a shiny new logo courtesy of top DJ /very talented graphic designer, Roger Williams – expect to see this rolled out on facebook and on future vinyl releases. We are even trying to stick it on a t-shirt – more details coming soon….

Finally, If you enjoyed the big Autumn hit ‘Show Me Love’ by West Coast Soulstars then I bring you some good news!! I’ve just started working on co-producing their next single…..and its an absolute cracker!!! Expect to hear your friendly DJ spinning a promo copy in the next 2-3 weeks….

Cheers, Neil T

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