Movin’ On…

26 May

Well, last week was a world of pain that I never saw coming.

Criticism of a particular track is fine, its something that you have to live with in my line of business – it must be 100 times worse for the actuall artists who make the music! And I fully realise that not everyone will like everything you do – Hell, most people probably won’t like it….that’s life I suppose.

What I’m working towards is to treat ll the comments in the same manner – i.e. the good ones and the bad ones. As long as I’m happy with what I’m doing then that should be all that matters and if others like it then its a complete bonus. The acid test for me is whether the mixes I do will make it onto my MP3 player in my car!! haha…

Anyway, as I said – movin’ on – I’m going to be concentrating on remixes only for a while – this is because I now have the means and capabilities to do it and also because I want to prove to people that I’m not just a one trick pony, but I am versatile and have more to offer than just plain old mash-ups!

Cheers, Neil T

p.s. I’m currently working in Barcelona at the moment – for anyone who has never been, you need to get your arse over here and take a walk down La Rambla – there are certainly some sights to behold!!!

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