Busy few days ahead…

12 Mar

Well it looks like I’ve got a busy weekend ahead with at least two more remixes to lay down. Which, although this is great news its also a tricky thing to predict how it will go because with all the good will in the world, its not just like a process that you follow and you get a result…..

Unfortunely, its not like that at all. Inspiration has to hit me and for some reason all through this week, that inspiration has come at 2am, so subsequently I’m cream crackered!

I’ve got to get them nailed down this week as I’m off travelling again (for my day job) next week – two days in London and then straight after its away for another five days in the Austrian capital – Vienna! I’ve been there before about four years ago and have fond memories of the architecture. The food is great also, but not a place for a vegetarian, which luckily I’m not!

Well I hope you have a great weekend – I’ll try and post another one from the archives up either tonight or tomorrow…

Cheers, Neil T

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